In many cases, our company has witnessed overseas buyers and expats looking for a property for their use. These properties are not yet owned by our allied companies and are only available in the third-party resale market. In those cases, we act as buyers' agents to find the most suitable property for you in Manchester and Burnley , which is our main focus. We are also in direct contact with the third-party sellers and their agents, and for that, we charge our clients a minimal fee to help them find the property of their taste.
Following are the steps that need to be taken care of while searching for “property for own use":
Look out for relevant requirements.
Search Suitable properties for own use.
List them down.
Make a Shortlist.
Viewing and Selection.
Help with Negotiations for the best prices available.
Oversee the Transaction Process.
In rare cases, we may refer our clients to local Estate Agents who may be more familiar than us with your desired location. In these cases, we tell our clients that we cannot help you in this area. The biggest dilemma is that many clients end buying in the wrong locations, and sometimes their circumstances change, and the property purchased is not well suited to their needs and requirements.