Why Surrey is ideal for Property Extension compared to London?
Why Surrey is ideal for Property Extension compared to London?

UK is a well-spread country having a lot of fascinating places to visit, live, and study. But it is also a fact that a lot of people envy London as compared to any other place in the UK. London holds world-spread popularity due to being the capital of the UK, but this fact doesn't stop UK from offering plenty of other great places. Out of those great places, Surrey is surely a great pick. From being in close proximity with London and the second-largest city in the UK, Surrey is ranked as the 1st best place to live in the UK.
Surrey is just 34 miles away from London and is thus easily accessible via motorway, train, or bus. It is also one of those rare areas in the UK with more than 76% employment rate. Furthermore, plenty of good educational institutes and excellent healthcare facilities also make it a great spot. From the perspective of the property market, the following are some of the insights about Surrey being an ideal place for property extension as compared to London:
  • Property prices in Surrey are quite nominal as compared to London which makes it an ideal place for prospective investors to buy a property. So, after purchasing and extending the property, there is a great way to earn elevated returns.
  • Compared to the price at which you buy a small apartment in London, a house can be bought in Surrey. This is quite a big opportunity because the return on investment increases with the increase in the area.
  • London is quite a crowded area with very low housing opportunities and almost no space for property extension. On the contrary, Surrey is a rather less inhabited area which makes it an abundance of housing opportunities.
  • Distance between London and Surrey is quite nominal (34 miles). This is a good point for those who cannot abandon London completely because of work or educational commitments. While they continue to work or study in London, an easy daily commute to Surrey is quite an incentive, thereby creating a niche for property extension.
  • The high crime rate of London gives another advantage to Surrey for those people who want to live a peaceful and safe life in the UK.